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  • FRONT AND REAR SPROCKETS OEM Quality: JT Sprockets, AFAM, Esjot, etc, for your bike

  • More than 7000 references and 360.000 combination. Unique, customized, one kit for every bike in the world

  • At kitdearrastre.com supported by batmotos and our extensive supplier networks you can find the very best RK chain and sprockets kit for your bike Based in Valencia Spain, we are one of the most specialist web site in the web for RK chain and sprockets kits for motorcycles

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All RK chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched for superior performance and minimize elongation during the life of the chain.

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All the motorcycle chains - All colors

kitdearrastre.com - RK chain COLORED CHAINS FOR YOUR BIKE Have a different bike. Distinguish with colored chains
2018-2019 FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) Round 2 24 heures Motos Racing

2018-2019 FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) Round 2 24 heures Motos took place on 20th-21st April in Le Mans, France. RK Chain teams. 1st and 3rd place kitdearrastre.com - RK Chain. Being the BEST is a commintent